Monday, November 30, 2009

MFG 201 Class Project

I’m currently enrolled in MFG 201 (History of Creativity up to 1500 AD). This course requires a “creativity project” to be turned in at the end of the semester, aka next Monday. The project has to be something the student has worked on for the better part of the semester, and, obviously, needs to be creative.

Two months-ish ago I emailed the TAs (and ultimately the professor) to find out if I could use my current novel, Circus Soul Heiress, as my project, and I got the green light for it. I did, after all, start the book at the beginning of the semester. It’s not going to be finished by next week, but I have enough for a good presentation. I’m not printing the thing out—heaven forbid, it’s still a rough draft—but I am assembling a Powerpoint presentation to highlight the key factors of the novel, especially ones that pertain to the class. (History, culture, technology, etc.) I’m including excerpts from the book as examples.

So far it’s turned out pretty well. My sister and I spent FOREVER photo-editing a picture for the cover. It’s not the best cover in the world, but I wanted to have a self-made image to start off the presentation. (Something that says, “Look at all the work I did! Give me an A!”) Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the Photoshop CD to reinstall it on the computer back home (Where I was last week for Thanksgiving), so we downloaded GIMP and used it instead. There’s a paint brush mistake we still need to take out and such, but here’s the picture:


Special thanks to my models, Andy and Jessica, and to my photographer, Sara (P-chan!). BIG thanks to Andy again, who understands stuff like GIMP a lot more than I do (Though I’m currently learning the basics of Photoshop in my print publishing class!).

Let’s hope I get a good grade, eh?

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  1. That is an awesome awesome cover, Charlie! You should totally use that for your novel. ;]
    I'm very curious about the title. Is your novel about an epic clown?
    Also a class called History of Creativity sounds kind of interesting. What do you do in it?