Monday, December 7, 2009

Where I am as of 12.7.09

Today I officially started Part 4 of Circus Soul Heiress. The book comprises five parts, though the fifth is just an epilogue. So, as of right now, I’m ¾ of the way through my rough draft! At this rate I’ll be sure to beat my goal of having the novel completed by the end of April—I may be done by the end of January. That means I can start rewriting The Oracle Seals three months earlier. This is a good thing.

Unfortunately, I’ve yet to work further on “As Prescribed,” but I plan to finish it during the Christmas break.

Been watching an anime called “Vampire Knight” with my older sister. It’s a pretty good show—as much as I hate to admit it, it makes me want to write about vampires. (Don’t worry, I won’t.) Though it does have me thinking along the urban-fantasy route. It’s hard for me to come up with good urban-fantasy ideas. Maybe my next book will be one. Of course, I really don’t want to start a new book until after both CSH and TOS are ready for peer review.

I did take the ending theme of Vampire Knight [season 1] and put it on an “unknown playlist” along with “Sweet Dream” by Beyonce. They sound like songs* that belong to a story I’ve yet to come up with.

*I make soundtracks for my novels while I’m writing them, part for inspiration, part for kicks and giggles. I should post them sometime….

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  1. Vampire Knight, eh? I've only seen a few episodes (which seem good enough), but I'm in volume 7 of the manga right now (which is really great). I especially enjoy the plot twists. There's a huge one practically every couple of chapters. The headmaster is the coolest character though.
    The ending theme in the anime is pretty creepy (I also like the opening theme song).
    It's okay if you want to write about vampires. =] I've considered doing a short story parody of the concept myself.
    Good luck with Circus Soul Heiress. You still need to tell me what it's about! ;]