Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Character 180

This post should have come before my last post, but oh well. I was thinking about character arcs the other day. Character growth is fundamental to a story (one reason why so many of my earlier novels failed—lack of character growth*). Because I’m being so particular to characters for TR, I’ve considered this more heavily than before. How will my characters change and develop throughout the course of this book? Why will they change that way? What does this mean for the story as a whole?

I then realized that TR will have something none of my other books (even CSH) have ever had—a complete, 180-degree character turn around. This certain character, who shall remain unnamed, is a completely different person by the time the book ends. Other characters change and grow, but this guy’s persona gets molded into an entirely new shape. I’ve never done such a drastic change before. I’m really excited for it, too.

That’s a good thing.

*This especially makes me think of “Where Lifa Was,” a novel I started in high school. My main character was stoic and didn’t grow whatsoever. (I only got half-way through the book, but she wouldn’t have changed had I finished it.)

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