Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yes, Dear. Revising = Rewriting.

So every week I do 2,000-3,000 words of revision for Sanderson’s class. This week, after prepping next week’s word count, I started reading ahead. It’s weird when I read things I forgot I wrote—almost like I’m reading someone else’s book. Makes it more entertaining that way, eh?

Anyway, I realize that this big event I have in chapter eight doesn’t make logical sense at all. As I read it (and attempted to fix it without really changing anything) I could hear the criticisms I knew I’d be getting from my writing group in the back of my head. I saw every error they would point out to me and demand I fix.

So, I’ll fix it now and spare them. What is revision if not for scene rewriting? I had to rewrite part of chapter four, but the scene still remained the same. For chapter eight, I have to actually scrap what I have and redo all of it. Hurray.

So I pulled out my little red notebook for CSH and worked on it during my history class. (I’m such a good student, I know.) I wrote out all the problems I had and figured out the most logical way to solve them. Some of my solutions caused other problems. I think I have the new scene down to a point where yes, it makes other problems for the story, but ones that can be dealt with should I write them well. I’ll probably get on that sometime this week.


On another note, The Raimos is ready to be written—I took the liberty of writing the first 500 words or so via notepad*. However, I decided not to put too much work into it until summer for two reasons. First, because of this post, and second because I’m so involved in CSH revisions that I don’t think I could give TR the attention it deserves. (And it will need a lot of attention. I have a ton of emotional trauma I need to pull off.) So, I’m going to focus on CSH and getting it out to alpha readers pronto, then dedicate my time to TR. :D

*The Raimos will be the first novel I’ve [seriously] written that doesn’t have a prologue.

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