Monday, June 7, 2010


What’s your take on poetry?

I used to hate poetry that didn’t rhyme. A few high school creative writing classes later, I hated poetry with end rhymes and meters. After a semester of British History, I decided Tennyson was the bomb and amended my ways. (Though I still despise rhymed poetry without a meter. I’d rather listen to nails on a chalkboard than read a stanza of that. Sigh.)

That being said, my own poetry isn’t superb. Far from it. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A POET.

Unfortunately, my protagonist is.

I’ve written for a poet once before, if RPGs count. His name was Lentus, he had a fake right hand, and he was very nice to people, especially small children. But he doesn’t matter.*

Anyway, the point I’m making is that random bits of poetry are incorporated into my novel to reflect the thoughts and angst of my main character, Esrov. I don’t think they’re terrible, but yes, they’ll need revision just like everything else. I have a friend who is an amazing poet—I plan to have her look over them once my first draft is finished.

So, since I’m on the subject, today’s quote will be the last poem I wrote. (Feel free to critique.)

The weight within the parcel

equates the weight of god

worn upon your shoulders

forward feet will trod

and when the knees are weary

the spine twisted with ache

God’s weight will weigh upon you

and your body break.**

-The Raimos, Chapter 11


*I actually incorporated him briefly into my first completed novel (The Oracle Seals), but if I ever revise the rough draft, he’s being scrapped. He had no point being there to begin with.

**Meter will be fixed someday.


  1. Yay for British history!!!! Woot. And I like your new layout :)

  2. I tend to hate most poetry with rhyme and meter. :p This may be because it's SO HARD TO WRITE well. There are so many constraints, so many things to take into account. I feel like most of metered and rhymed (let's not even START on metered AND rhymed) poetry I read sucks because it is so hard and no one noes how to do it right. I hate trying to write poetry like that. So I tend to hate metered and rhymed poems.

    That being said, I also need to say that I haven't actively sought out good metered/rhymed poetry from good poets. :p

    To me, poetry is an emotionally expression, and to put constraints like syllables per line and rhyming schemes... kills that emotion and freedom. Having a rhythm and a flow and energy to your lines and words is essentially, of course, but I don't like strict meters.

    But that's just my own opinion. :p
    That being said, I think your poem sounds pretty. But to me, it also feels fluffy. Like.. what's the point? what's it trying to say? And I've no idea where to pause and start new thoughts since you don't have any punctuation. :p