Monday, June 21, 2010

Side Projects

Side projects for revenue? What?

Currently working on a villanelle and possibly two short stories. You know, because I have so much free time.

But I’m poor. And I could use the practice. And screw money, I’d like to earn some credentials, even if they’re with smaller magazines. Short stories are really hard for me, as a few of my friends know. Actually, I’m decent with general fiction—won awards for it before—but as soon as I put a fantasy or sci-fi twist to anything, it tends to suck. Which is a problem.

I think I have some interesting ideas this time around. Just have to do that whole turn-it-into-plot thing.

Excerpt of the day:

A figure of all white took up the center of another wall. He had the shape of a man, but no definition whatsoever—not even the outline of a face or chin. Streaks of white, silver, and gold radiated from his person, and at his feet bloomed flowers Esrov didn’t recognize. Far from the person, near the corner of the wall, stretched rolling mountains lush with green. Silhouettes of birds hovered in the sky, and trees blanketed the valley.
“What is all this?” Esrov asked.
“The greatest Duoshin chapel in Paradis,” Ranny said, light and airy.
“But these pictures?”
She gestured to the mosaic of the planet. “The woman is Miatowene, the goddess of life. The man is Nowaditt, the god of death. Together they made the world and everything in it, even you and me. Two gods who work with one purpose, to give, guide, and take life.”

The Raimos, chapter 16

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  1. I really liked you short story about the dragon and the dragon digger guy. Hee hee.