Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Touch More Fondness

Last couple of days I haven’t hated TR as much*. This is a good sign. I think I’m finally getting to the meat of the story, and I’m starting to work with more characters. Next chapter I’ll finally bring all four of my main characters together for the first time, and I’m looking forward to it.

I randomly gave my central female character the habit of humming in a recent chapter; today when I went back to find out what I’d named her horse, I found that she’d been randomly humming in the scene that introduces her as well—I’d completely forgotten. I love it when character quirks come out like that—completely unintentional.

I don’t think any of my characters are solid yet, but they’re getting there, and that’s part of what’s making the story easier to write. I think I’ll have quite the load of revisions to do for this story, though. Of course, I’ll always have a load of revisions, eh?

Also, I’m hoping TR will be the first novel where I don’t switch POV mid-chapter. We’ll see how long that holds up.

*In case I didn’t mention it, I’ve been in thisstorysucks mode for a little while.


  1. If you run into trouble, you can always just start a new chapter every time the POV changes. ;]

  2. This is off topic, but I really hate your new blog's style. It's really hard for me to read. And gives me a headache. :/
    Yeah, I know, that wasn't motivating at all. I'm pretty much the worst writing buddy ever. :P


    I freaking LOVE it when I "decide" at some point in time to give a character something, only to re-read and find out I've already done it in earlier parts of the story. I think that's actually a sign of a really good author: you have your character so well in your head (down to the details), that writing them is just second nature. Then, you discover things about them as you go along. It's cool!

    What I'm saying is I want to read this book, and you won't let me, and that is upsetting. Or maybe I'm saying you should not hate it because it has Eskimos. And hopefully people with dog-sleds that say "MUSH!" since I've been bothering you about it.