Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I recently finished alpha-reading a YA novel written by my friend Nathan, whose blog is linked in my sidebar to the right. So far, I’ve alpha-read four novels for three friends: one YA fantasy, one dark fantasy, and two sci-fis. Alpha-reading is always interesting, since it makes me reflect a lot on my own writing. It’s interesting to see the different characters, plots, and styles other wannabe authors incorporate into their works.

What is my writing style? I have no idea. Maybe one of my own alpha-readers can tell me.


TR is coming a little slow this week, partially because my schedule has gotten busier.* Still making my word count, but I’m not excelling it by much. I partially blame this on the fact that I’m on an awkward chapter. (That same one I mentioned restarting in a previous post. It’s better, but not great. I think only beatings by future alpha-readers will be able to sort it out. But the rough draft must carry on!)

Still don’t know how many chapters this sucker will be. We’ll see.

Excerpt of the day:

Ranny’s shoulders slumped. “Do you have any sort of moral code I can play to?” she asked. “Don’t you believe in anything?”
Singe smiled. “I told you what I believe in.”
“Power,” she said.
He nodded.
“No wonder you’re a sell-out mercenary,” she said quietly.
“He’s proof, you know,” said Todorov.
Both Ranny and Singe looked to him.
“That’s it more than power,” Todorov clarified. “God is more than an
idea, as you put it. Esrov is living proof.”
Singe chuckled, which made Todorov’s veins burn beneath his skin. “Yeah, I’ve heard of the Raymos-Rightmos whatever you call it. Thought it was a wives’ tale.”
“The proof is right in front of you!” Todorov spat. “It’s the whole reason you’re here!”
Singe rolled his eyes. “Just because something has powers don’t mean it’s a god, kid.”

*You know, because I’M GETTING MARRIED IN 24 DAYS!!!! WEEE!!!

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  1. Alpha reading is a good thin to do... You learn a lot from reading rough drafts of other writers' works. It really takes a lot out of me personally, though. I read really slow and get so absorbed in it each time that I end up not doing anything else for a week or so. XP

    Unrelated: some of the links in your sidebar are broken. You've got the link to mixed in with their addresses.