Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Find Character Names in Security Codes

As I’ve mentioned before, I keep a folder on my jump drive* called “Character Soup,” where I store bios and ideas on characters that cross my mind. The most prevalent document in this folder is the “1 Names I Like” folder (marked with a “1” so it always appears at the top of the list). Whenever I think of a name, hear of a name, or discover a name I really like, I add it to this document. It’s been very, very helpful. I think ¾ of my names for CSH came from that list.

Anyway, one of the best places, in my opinion, to get ideas for fantasy-esque names is in those security codes certain Web sites make you type in to protect users from spam. My favorite is blogger. Whenever I comment on someone’s post, I get to type in a security code, and sometimes those random bungle of letters turns out to be pretty swell.

Here, I’ll go comment on someone’s blog and see if anything good comes up.


Okay, there. The code word was “Okocoil.”

Not bad. I’ve actually used “Oko” as a name before. And you can play with it to make a name. Or toss it. But there you go.

Excerpt of the day:
“Th-Then it’s true. . .” whispered Son Fabian, sliding his back down the cold stone until he crouched. “The savior has come.”
The Raimos, chapter 23

*I really need to upgrade from a 4GB to an 8GB.


  1. That's a fun way of getting names. I most always rely on the web site Behind the Name, since I typically draw from real-world cultures in my stories.

    Those security code things really bother me, though. >_>

  2. I like to take real names, twist and contort them, and shoot weird letter strings at them. Carrie, for example, once became Yawri; Roger, Saskawannur.

    The story in question was, of course, doomed.