Monday, July 26, 2010

Non-Fantasy Novel?

So a few years ago I took a writing class at BYU for children’s literature—it was when I learned I never wanted to write children’s books. (Namely the 6-9 range. Ugh. This was also during the time when I wanted to be a YA writer.)

Anyway, during this class I did come up with an idea for a middle-grade story that I liked, which is amazing, since I can never come up with non-fantasy stories that I want to write, unless they’re short fiction. I wrote the first sample chapter for the class and put the book into my “Someday Potentials” folder so I could work on other things. (At that time I was still working on Where Lifa Was, I think.)

Anyway, I jotted down some outline notes for this story yesterday, though I bumped it up to a YA so I could have more fun with it. The story is called Fuchsia Stripes* and I think I’d actually be interested in writing it, despite the lack of a magic system/magic world/strange races/etc. Hmm.

The book wouldn’t be without research, though—namely I’d have to learn a lot about wrestling. I did the yearbook page for wrestling my senior year of high school, which is when I discovered how cool the sport really is. (This coming from someone who is not a sports-fan, mind you.) I may have actually tried out for the team had I discovered how neat it was in, say, 9th or 10th grade.

My protagonist would be in 8th. Fourteen-year-old. Like Sailor Moon. (But no talking cats, because this is NOT fantasy.**)

Anyway, I wouldn’t take on this project for a while. Like I’ve mentioned, after TR I’m redoing CSH, then going through my first revisions of TR, THEN I’ll either write Fuchsia Stripes or this other fantasy story idea I have that, for now, is classified.

Excerpt of the day:

“The savior will reunite Chellis,” Father Alrith said, reading the words straight from the page. “He will carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. He will be a young man, kind-hearted, generous, and free of malice. He will arrive unexpectedly and in a time of great need. That’s what this passage tells us.”
“Forgive me, Father Alrith,” Esrov said, “But why are you telling me this?”
“Honestly?” he replied, “To see your reaction.”

The Raimos, chapter 22

*I always spell Fuchsia wrong, mind you. EVERY TIME I WRITE IT I spell it “Fuschia” or “Fucshia.” I think “Fuschia” looks better than “Fuchsia.” Maybe I should contact the Merriam-Webster’s people about that. . . .

**I can see myself slipping and having the mat suddenly turn into a portal to another world or something stupid like that. Ha.

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  1. Write whatever your heart desires, Chuck! No need to tell yourself you *have* to write a specific genre.

    That is, until your publishers tell you to. ;P

    And fuchsia may be the most evil word in the English language. Even looking at your post, I may have still spelled it wrong.