Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Personality Tests, Part 2

Took the personality tests for Todorov and Ranny. Because I’m cool like that. They were both easy to answer for—this is a good sign.



>You are somewhat conventional.
>You probably have a messy desk!
>You are extremely outgoing, social, and energetic.
>You find it easy to criticize others.
>You probably remain calm, even in tense situations.

Accurate, though now that I think about it, I didn’t answer a few of his questions right. Todorov is the least likely to remain calm in a tense situation, assuming his need to protect is triggered.



>You typically don’t see out new experiences.
>You are well-organized and can be relied upon.
>You are extremely outgoing, social, and energetic.
>You are good-natured, courteous, and supportive.
>You probably remain calm, even in tense situations.

Okay, maybe answering for these two wasn’t as easy as I thought. This is accurate, minus the first one. In normal life Ranny’s experiences are pretty routine, but she’s done some crazy stuff in the past. Hmm . . .

Yeah, these posts are more for me than anyone else. But hey, it’s my blog. :D

Excerpt of the day:
“He told me he could fix it when he arrived,” he explained, narrating with his hands. “And the next morning it rings for the first time in centuries. There isn’t a lick of damage on its face, Father. I looked. And the bandits—”
“Rannine assured me he had no blessings,” Father Alrith said.
is a blessing!” Amadeus said. He reached out and clasped Father Alrith’s hands in his own. “Whatever his power, he healed Aster. I feel it in my heart, Father. I make no testimony of his divinity, but surely it is something to consider.”
The Raimos, chapter 21

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