Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Esrov in Art

You may recall me mentioning a while ago that I won a contest on (an easy peasy one, too), so my friend said she’d do a free commission for me! I debated over the picture, but eventually settled on a portrait of Esrov, post-Roth.*

And…. She did it! And it looks great, of course.


You can see the bigger version here, or browse her deviantart page here.**

Excerpt of the day:
Thrip, he thought, skin growing hot. I should have known you’d be here.
Circus Soul Heiress, chapter 1

*Roth is his homeland. AKA he’s not wearing Rothian clothing.
**Her commission prices are super affordable too, if any of you wants to get some art done. She recently published some art in Leading Edge Magazine, the magazine I used to work on at BYU!