Monday, August 23, 2010

Revising Flad's Character

Edits for CSH are underway and coming along nicely. My writing muse is up and running her hamster-wheel with renewed vigor.

I’m actually really excited about this. I’ve been recording things that need to change and incorporating them into my old outline. I’ve deleted scenes and added scenes. So far no deletions or additions of characters, minus major tweaking in faction #3.

Jordan (aka HUSBAND) and I drove to Springville through ghastly traffic last Friday and talked about CSH (Since we had a LOT of time to do so). He read it a little while ago. :D He’s not a writer and didn’t give me the kind of feedback I get from alpha-readers and the like, but he’s helpful. I bounced a lot of ideas off him.

One of the biggest things I need to concentrate on is Flad’s character. Making him more sympathetic. Having him come across on paper (or screen…) the way I see him in my head. So, for draft 3, I’ve changed Flad’s fighting style and put restraints on his temper. I’ve eliminated the conflicting personality traits and given him a lot of room to open up. I’m really excited to incorporate all this into the story. It will make it a million times better. Yeah, I have to rewrite every fight scene he’s in, which is a lot, but I’m excited for it.

Next time: Epic-izing the final battle!

Excerpt of the day, subject to change:

“Another man has disappeared,” Lialis replied, stepping aside to allow Pasha some space. He made a simple bow of the head as he did so.

Pasha clenched her teeth. “Who? A name?”

“Garron Kaller, with two Ls,” the sheriff answered, holding a small lantern to a thick roll of parchment in his hand.

The name made her pause mid-step. “Kaller? Corporal Kaller?

“Did you know him?” Lialis asked.

“Yes, I did,” Pasha said, an uneasy feeling sprouting in her chest. She’d never known any of the victims personally. “He’s an archer. . .was an archer. I trained him as a private.”

Circus Soul Heiress, Prologue

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  1. I bounce ideas off Bec all the time. It's really quite helpful (and she had great feedback too).
    That's what getting married is for! :P