Thursday, August 26, 2010

Revising le Final Battle

And making it more “epic.” That’s what readers told me I needed to do, though apparently the ending is fairly good. So I’m not a 100 percent failure.

Anyway, I’ve been working on revising my final battle, and atm it looks like I won’t be keeping a whole lot of what was originally there. I need to make it different from the other big battle, which occurs at roughly the half-way point.

Basically I’m adding more critters and destruction. Oh, and explanations. You know, so things make sense. Since it’s the end of the novel.

But because I’m ending the novel a bit differently, I can now advertise it as a stand-alone with sequel potential, which is basically the golden line for cover letters, so I hear. I have some ideas for a sequel, but it’s not something I’m worried about in any way. Assuming I ever get this book published, I won’t write a sequel unless a shiny editor tells me to.

Also might add lava. Just saying.

Excerpt of the day:

He’s fast, she thought, chasing down the perpetrator. Fast for someone so small.

The black-clad figure turned suddenly, and Pasha almost lost him in the darkness. He was heading north, deeper into the palace.

A new dose of adrenaline shot into her blood, and her spellsight flared green.
He’s not trying to escape, he wants the Sollar!
Circus Soul Heiress, chapter 1


  1. It's universally agreed: the people love lava almost as much as they love epicness. But when both come together? It's pretty spectacular...

  2. I have to agree. In any situation where lava could be included, but is not: a Morality Angel loses her wings.

    And then she has to get her wings back by committing crimes against the elderly.

    My point is Lava.