Friday, September 10, 2010

Auditing in January

Spent lots of time on a scene at the front of chapter 10, which was formally chapter 9. Had to rehash a conflict with a side character in order to keep la protagonist in a more sympathetic light. I was a little whiny about it, not gonna lie. Not because I liked the scene before, but because I’m lazy.

Definitely want to take Sanderson’s writing class again in January, only this time as an auditor, not a student. Some old friends will be in there too. It’s time I start learning how to put my foot in the door, dangit.

Still putting off Vi Lar’s big fight. Will do this weekend. I have a computer headache right now. :/

Excerpt of the day:
Blur smiled, though Flad had learned a long time ago that such an action didn’t always entail glee. “How long have you been with us, Flad? Ten, eleven years? I have seniority over you in both age and time, and yet you always seem to call the shots.”

Flad shrugged. “Can’t help that I’m Jeht’s favorite.” He saw Lottie approaching from the corner of his eye, but didn’t dare move his gaze from the juggler.

“Ah, is that the case, then,” Blur said, rolling his diabolo over its string. He tossed it into the air and caught it again. “Why is that, Flad? Because you’re his special project? The one he picked up off the street? How exactly did a fancy boy like you wind up an urchin in the first place?”

CSH, chapter 10


  1. I want so badly to be an actual class member this time in Sanderson's class. How early were you able to register for it, Charlie? I want to make sure I'm on the computer the moment it's open for registrations.

  2. I always feel bad when side characters have to act in accordance with the plot. Then again, I have too many characters.

    I am entirely unable by geography to be involved in the Writing World at the moment. I say we call it a scientific survey to see who gets Success first. That's the best accreditation.

  3. @Cholisose

    English majors get priority, then it's just whatever your priority registration is. I was able to actually add the class from MyMap when I got on midnight (I was also a senior, which meant my date was closest to the top). At that point (being a non English Major but still a senior) there were only like 5 seats left and I nabbed one.

    I guess your other chance is coming out in the random drawing, or just saying you've audited # of times and hoping Brandon has sympathy for your plight. :P

    PS You should all register for worldcon and vote for Way of Kings to get a hugo nomination. This isn't relevant to the post but I'm saying it because I can. Wait, I have a blog, I could just put it on that. Oops.