Monday, October 4, 2010


Thanks to an unexpected bout of unknown-cause stomach illness, I didn’t get as much done this weekend as I would have liked. Have to make up for it this week. I’m so close to the end! Yet I’m moving much slower…

In other news, talking to Nathan makes me feel like such a greenie. I don’t go to nearly as many cons and my networking* is at about 0%. Blegh. I plan to do LTUE and WorldCon next year, maybe CONduit, but this year I think is a no-go for writing funness.

Have three volunteers for beta readers so far, which is good! Hopefully I’ll have my ms to them by the end of October. Then I’ll start real outlining work on TWS.

*I often don’t approach authors and such at cons because I don’t want to come off an a “fangirl” or the like. Same reason I often (but not always) withheld comment in Sanderson’s class. Apparently, this is a bad thing.

Excerpt of the day:

“These are pain killers,” said Flad. Salk leaf was a common herb used on injured seabats. “Hefty ones.” He couldn’t name everything in the crate, but he recognized most of it from his own medical experiences. Judging by the mess of things, they were drugs frequently used.

“He uses these on people?” Lottie thought aloud.

“No,” he said, hesitating, “I think he uses them on himself.”

CSH, chapter 21

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