Wednesday, October 6, 2010


One chapter to go!

One, long chapter to go! (Plus an epilogue.)

Then I’m done with revisions!

Then I get to figure out how to make my cover letter catchy! (Oh Sanderson, now would be a wonderful time for you to return my final…)

Then I get to mail lots of pleas to agents and get lots of rejection letters to decorate my cubicle with!

Then I get to be a real, actual, struggling author!

I’m very excited. My battle prose sucks, but still. Now have three beta readers on the list. So long as they all actually read and finish the ms, that should be enough. Hopefully.


Excerpt of the day:

The blonde boy bowed to Pasha as though he had performed a show, bloody short swords still in hand. “And for the grand finale, I shall rescue the dame!”
CSH, chapter 21*

*This chapter is way too long for anyone’s good.


  1. I can be a beta reader and this time I'll give some constructive feedback. :) Let me know when you get your acceptance letter so we can celebrate!

  2. I love writing Epilogues. One day I'll just write a book with just one chapter and a book-length epilogue.