Thursday, November 18, 2010

And now the thing I never delve very far into in anything I’ve ever written: Politics.

Work has kept me very busy this week! Wears me out and slows down writing a bit, but I’m still making my word count—just not kicking its trash like I was last week.

My body has been trying to decide if it wants to get sick again for several days now. I’d rather have it stay in limbo than to make up its mind in such a way that will negatively affect me, however.

I’m stepping into government stuff now, trying to figure out how I can says “This is a legalist plutocracy” without actually saying it. Hmm. Also wondering if my Luminus (aka government leader) sounds too young. He’s 55, after all. And kind of looks like my father-in-law.

Politics, then same baby kidnapping, then chapter 4. Maybe I’ll get there by Monday.

Also, centipede wins.

Excerpt of the day:

Uzelle Javes, Luminus of Bacree, briefly greeted Regals as he walked into the Assembly Hall. He walked with a straight, wooden cane in his right hand, not because he needed it, but because he liked to do so. A silver knob topped the cane, forest motifs carved in minute detail upon it. The cane had been a gift from Regal Daye when Uzelle was voted to the Luminus seat, and while Daye had since passed away, Uzelle never attended an Assembly without it.
Weirs, chapter 3

P.S. This is post 100. I'm awesome.

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