Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First Chapter Struggle

Before any more of you ask, yes, I think has affected some of my posts.

Writing is kind of hard. I have to go all establishy setting and such before I get to the action at the end of the chapter and I don’t think I’m really that good at it. My protagonist still feels all new and awkward to me, which helps a ton.

But this is to be expected. Suck it up, Charlie! Get a hold of yourself!

I have pretty much nothing else to say. Except that I’m reading a Robin Hobbs book.

Excerpt of the day (imagine some obscure accent):

Fedrar laughed. “Silver, what else? No one knows these mountains like Bacree. They are so isolated, they jump at the chance to trade with us, you know? We get silver everything for too cheap, then sell it for too much.” He chuckled. “Anything that doesn’t come from mountains or forest they buy for high price. Makes it worth the trip, but only once a year. This pass is hard on the oxen’s feet. Ours too.” He gestured to Teague’s feet.
Weirs, chapter 1


  1. Robin Hobb. Just one Hobb. :-) She's one of my favorite authors, actually. Which one are you reading, and what do you think?

  2. Yup, writing is hard. And fun, and terrifying, and exciting, and.............

    You'll get there!

    It's funny, I had a professor named Teague a few years ago, first and last time I'd ever seen the name, until a few months ago and now I've seen it twice recently.

    Today was the first real day of winter weather in Colorado, we've had an unseasonably warm fall so far. Rain, sleet, and snow for the first time make all the Colorado drivers forget that they live in a snowy state and drive like morons. Luckily, I was able to stay inside with mugs of hot tea once the weather turned, but poor hubby had to drive home in it. Hope your gloominess has improved!