Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Outlining . . . because that’s what I’m doing right now.

Made some good progress on my outline. Started to read it from start to finish and fill in the holes. Need to have Teague’s plotline good n’ done before I focus on the side plots. I’m doing some mean things to her now, which may or may not include bear traps and giant spiders.* I always forget how much of a challenge writing a story from start to finish is. Maybe because I crapped out on The Raimos, so I haven’t finished a book since January. :O

In random news, I’m making butternut squash soup tonight for the first time ever. I’m very excited. This youtube video makes it look so much fun.

*Note that I despise spiders. It will be interesting writing for one.


  1. Good luck with your outline, Chuck.
    But giant spiders? We need different bugs to get giantified every once in a while. Don't let spiders hog all the glory! Let the mosquitos have a turn. =P

  2. C'mon, that's so Jumanji. :P Though I guess giant spiders are, too.

  3. Whatev, Jumanji had a little of everything. Even a random safari gunman, if I recall correctly.

    So giant pillbugs then, there you go. Imagine a stampede of them rolling down the mountain after your main character.

  4. I will pay you money to write "Pillbug Armageddon."
    Or better yet, "Rolly-Polly Armageddon."

  5. We call them potato bugs. :D What's the technical name, I wonder?

    There's a whole family of these bugs, as is usually the case, since we can't have just one species--we need a good 8 million or so. But it is interesting that it is a dialect question. I've heard them called pillbugs and rolly pollys before, but don't think I've heard potato bug very often...

    I may very well write a short story with these terrifying creatures, spoofing the booming post-apocalypse genre going on right now...

  7. I always called them potato bugs too, Chuck. I learned of this silly "rolly polly" and "pillbug" nonsense when I got older.

    Yes, I just decided to value my dialect over Nick's and Nathan's. Deal with it.

    Let me know if your squash soup turns out, Charlie. The acorn squash soup I made a little while ago was kinda lame.