Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Spider

So yeah, spiders are overdone. I agree with that… I just didn’t realize it until y’all pointed it out to me. :D

I still like the idea of a spider, but now I’m thinking another creeper bug might be good. I just want it to be poisonous. (Though I have a scene with webbing that I’d have to take out, should I change the bug.)

Suggestions welcome. Should I stick with spider, or should I be more original?

So far my favorite is centipede.


  1. I've been trying to find a place to use a variation on those beetles that spew acid out of their backsides when things try to eat them, though I've been unsuccessful thus far. Would an acid-beetle work for you?

  2. Use an internet search to find really freaky bugs--there's like a billion different types of beetles, for example, and the vast majority of them are heinous. I agree centipedes/millipedes are pretty creepy--the more legs the creepier perhaps, am I right? But I'd still check out a book on bugs or something and see if something jumps out at you.

  3. We've already talked, but centipedes get my vote. They're creepy AND venomous.

  4. I'm a fan of parasites capable of mind control. There are several types of flatworm, insect larvae, and fungi capable of it. Examples include the Liver Fluke, the Black Wasp, and Cordyceps Fungus. I wish I could find that one video of the flatworm that forced a grasshopper to commit suicide by jumping in to a backyard pool so it (the 'worm) could spawn.

    Just Google/Youtube "parasite mind control".

  5. My bad, it was a cricket not a grasshopper.