Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Business Cards a Go

Thanks so much for the comments! I’m now definitely leaning toward business cards. I think I know how I want them to look, too. Where are good places to get them printed? And can I get away with designing a card in PowerPoint and taking that in? (And is my ignorance slightly appealing to anyone? Mom? You there?*)

And here’s a lovely tidbit for your enjoyment.

Excerpt of the day**:

But he’s probably used to pain, she thought. Tomorrow morning, after his wounds had healed and his Gloom form reappeared, he’d have two new scars to add to those that already decorated his skin. She thought about his scars, how each one must have felt. The marks on his face, his arms, his neck. Would he have cried out when Calisti’s dagger pierced him, had he been able to?
Weirs, chapter 7

*Just kidding. She doesn’t read this blog. Not YET, anyway…
**Remember, it’s a first draft. :P


  1. The best place to get cards printed is the place that costs the absolute least (with the exception of printing them on cardstock and cutting them out yourself). If you can get them done for free (and there are places online that do that, if you can find them), that's probably the best.

    Oh, and try to leave the back blank (and white if possible). That's where people will write their impressions of you, and/or other networking notes.

  2. What will be on your cards, out of curiosity? A little picture of you? Your email address? And your blog address?

  3. My business cards have to be fancy-schmancy because they're in four languages. And one of the languages is written top to bottom, so the front and back are taken. Fortunately, all the cool kids use their phones to exchange information these days, so I won't have to restock.

  4. prints business cards, but I can't vouch for the pricing. I used them to do my wedding announcments, but my cousin had some insane coupons for it.

  5. Apparently the price starts at 1.98 for 25, but there's a sale going on that cuts off a few cents, and they have a design function that can set up the card for you (but I'm not going to investigate the quality of that for you.

  6. Um, hello! Powerpoint?! I owe you a ginormous wedding gift and I shudder at the thought of a representation of yourself at some swanky convention being a business card made in some foreign program. PLEASE! Let me do this for you… pretty please?

  7. Look up vCards. If you want to project an image of being a modern writer, then use the tech that'll get you noticed.