Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Ah, the holidays. So wonderful. So detrimental to daily word counts. I’ve been sweeping by with my bare minimum. As a result, I’m still on chapter nine. But at least I’m writing, right?

Sister is officially registered for WorldCon. Got the update booklet in the mail yesterday. Thirty-three people from Utah are attending (so far). I went and highlighted the names of people I knew (at least the ones I remembered the last names of, ha.) I’m excited, even if the thing is still nine months away. (AKA one baby away. And no, I’m not pregnant.)

Got lots more little notebooks in my stocking—I think I now have enough to last two, maybe three years. XD Need to tell Santa to chill out for a bit, ha.**

I also saw an ereader IRL for the first time—a Nook, to be precise. Despite the fact that it’s destroying the publishing industry, it’s actually pretty cool. No backlighting, so it’s just like a book. I could see how useful they could be. I hate to admit it, but I was impressed. (Though my goal of being published before ebooks take over the world is still standing.)

Anyway, here’s my whatnot of the day:

Finally Kitsy breathed, a strained breath that didn’t let in enough air. That’s my brother, she thought. That’s my sister. Which means that must be my mother.
Weirs, chapter 9

*AKA Christmas, since I'm not politically correct.
**In case you’re wondering, I try really hard not to say “lol” in this blog.


  1. Writing is writing. My word count on Christmas was pretty low too. I had to do some after getting home late even though I was sick and exhausted because I didn't want to break my streak, but it was pretty near my minimum. Other days this week I've been more productive than usual, though. Hubby's been home, meaning the "take care of the kiddo" chores have been split, resulting in more creative time. As you said, at least we're writing, even when it's slow.