Wednesday, December 15, 2010


10 days ‘til Christmas! I AM SO EXCITED OMG.

I’ve also finished stapling all my rejection letters to my cubicle, minus one, which I couldn’t find. I got it last year after a short story I wrote was kindly shafted. So now I have letters from Leading Edge, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Tales of the Talisman, Caitlin Blasdell, Nelson Literary Agency, and JABberwocky surrounding me with their silent chants of encouragement. (Still waiting for your contribution, Denise and Lucienne!)

Weirs still progressing nicely, though this chunk of the book (AKA the middle) will be a little hard for me. I’m an outliner, and I have an outline, but this part of the outline has lots of gaps (AKA hard returns) in it, telling me the scenes I want to right but not telling me how the hoopla I’m supposed to connect them. So here’s hoping I don’t crap all over my MS. (Because I’d really like it to turn out.)

I think this book has a slightly YA-tinted plot line. Psha. As long as the writing* doesn’t sound YA,** I’m good.

Excerpt a la day:

Teague. Aro thought of the strange woman who had solidified her position in his home over the last three months. She had proven more useful than expected. Now Kitsy had something of a mother figure who could perhaps turn a decent young woman of her. With any luck, Kitsy would one day have a safe—but sheltered—life, away from Bacree. Aro knew he could only protect his niece for so long. She deserved as normal a life as she could get—a life like the one Teague had been blessed with.
Weirs, chapter 8

*As you may recall, this is a habit of mine I’ve tried to break for a couple of years now. I really should just switch markets…. But all YA fantasy is urban, I swear.
**Speaking of which, I’ve yet to drop a curse word. Is that bad? XD

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