Thursday, January 6, 2011

Contests and More Old Crap

So I’ve seen a few blogs that give out little prizes—selecting random readers or holding some contest or another. I don’t have an overwhelming amount of readers by far, but I thought maybe it would be fun do hold giveaways like that for the blog. What do you guys think? Would you want to participate if I did?

Note to self: figure out how to do polls in Blogger.

In other matters: Chapter 11 is hereby the shortest chapter in Weirs. A whole four pages!

Going to the first class of Sanderson’s today. Woke up early to make up time, hoping to beat rush hour, consuming an early dinner since I won’t be home until like nine. Need to pick up Alice in Wonderland costume in Orem, too.

I’m excited to be in a writing group again. I have no writer friends that aren’t a long drive/plane ride away. . .

Excerpt of the day:
(This is from a book I started in my younger years called “The Lirut”. It’s about a parasitic beetle, in case you were wondering.)

Ada swallowed, her mouth dry. “I’m… I’m tired.” She answered. “My arm hurts. Where’s mom?”

Aira didn’t have any facial expressions for Ada to read. “I think she’s in the living room, with some tea. Do you want some tea, Ada?”

Ada shook her head, her chest aching when she did so. There was a moment of silence before she spoke again. “Aira, is the doctor here? Will I be okay?”

“Ada, what happened in the forest?” Aira’s lip quivered, avoiding the question.

Ada’s hazel eyes looked away from her sister’s and she focused on the ceiling above her, remembering. “That beetle, Aira… it hurt…” Ada’s eyes teared up more, but she didn’t know if it was from pain or from memories. “What did they say it was? It…” Ada tried to lift her arm, but it hurt too much, “it went inside of me. Did they get it out? Is that why it hurts so much?”

The Lirut, chapter 2


  1. I've thought I might do that someday, but don't really have anything (related to the blog, anyway) to give away. Plus, I too think I'd like more readers before doing that. I suppose I might enter your giveaways, depending on what the prize is. Out of curiousity, what sort of things were you thinking of?

  2. p.s. There's a "poll" option under the basic gadgets you can add to the sidebars on Blogger. (I've never used it, so this is an fyi, not a personal recommendation.) Not sure how you could add one to a post.

    And a friend of mine uses the website to select winners to her occasional giveaways.

  3. You could get some crafty friends to make the prizes. I may or may not be referring to a certain roommate.