Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Works in a Nutshell

This is more for Nick than anyone else, who told me the other day, “Why don’t you ever post what your stories are actually about? You talk about them, but I don’t know what’s going on.” (Not exact words, but you get the jist.) So here’s the nutshell version of my crap:

The Oracle Seals. Girl finds out she’s an omnipotent seer and gets to travel all over the continent breaking the seals on her power in hopes of defeating an undersea tech-savvy nation bent on destroying everything.

Circus Soul Heiress. Bunch of circus-performing terrorists try to free their island by overthrowing the absolute monarchy government full of people with magic tattoos.

The Raimos. Eskimo-esque boy is peer pressured to quest to the top of a freaky mountain to face his people’s god, but instead of being incinerated, he gets to switch places with a deity and run from the people who think he’s a fraud. Emo-ness ensues.

Weirs. People burn during the full moon turn into wonky things at night and are sacrificed to the sun* by government hires whilst trying to save others of their kind.

Ta da. I won’t both summarizing past unfinished crap because I know not even Nick wants to hear about that. XD

Excerpt of the day:
(Some of you may know I compose music—not as much now as I used to, but hey, I almost majored in it. So here’s a snippet from a song I wrote a couple years ago called “I Heart Your Blog”.)**

Verse 1:
Surfing the net with nothing better to do
Your page stood out from all the blogs that I was scrolling through
I thought your blog was the bomb
Three Ws, a clever pun, dot blogspot dot com

Your blog is like a diary
You think all the same things that I think
I get so excited when you post
Of all the blogs that I watch, I like yours the most

Build 1:
Soon enough I was twitter-pated
Addicted to the world wide web!

I fell in love with your name before I even knew your face
I’m the first to comment but the last to leave your page
You update—O-M-G
A heart made with a three
You can stream it live or type it up in 1337
Oh I’ve had a blogger crush these last few days

*Sun. Original. I know.
**May be coming to YouTube in the next three years.


  1. Cool books.
    And right now you're working on Weirs? It sounds like fun, though I'm not quite sure what you're saying with it. People burn, like catch on fire? During the full moon? And then turn into wonky things at night, like subsequent nights? But didn't they burn? >_>
    And is it the people who are sacrificed, or the government hires who are trying to save others of their kind? Are the government workers trying to save other government workers from the wonky things? (...that they sacrificed?) Or are the wonky things trying to save each other from being sacrificed by the government workers?
    I'm demanding, yes, but I need two sentences for this book description. ;]

  2. Circus Terrorists? I can see that. An island with an absolute monarchy? Madness!