Friday, January 28, 2011

Short Outline Doesn't Mean Short Chapters

So I think there's more left to write of this story than I thought. I am also pretty sure this will be longer than CSH (which is good, unless it's a LOT longer.)

Writing group going well. Good way to catch the little things and get a weekly helping of humble pie.

Anyway, I decided this upcoming scene will be way awesome if I do it from Scire's point of view, so I'm looking forward to that. Word count hasn't been astounding these last few days, mostly because I'm in an awkward part of my outline (where I decided to be completely vague on how I wanted to achieve what.)

Meanwhile I'm hoping my protagonist is likeable. I have issues with making likable protagonists, apparently. :O Though I like her, so hopefully that's a good sign....

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  1. Ah yes, the small outline that makes it look like the next act will only be 70 pages or so.
    SIGH. Nowadays I just accept that everything I write will be either "rather" or "drastically" longer than I expect it to be. *_*