Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Character "Pop"

I’m pretty sure this has happened at least once to everyone who writes: a character just comes to you, pops into your head uninvited. Not someone you actually put effort into brainstorming, just a sudden idea that springs to you. My character Thade (who has been adjusted to fit into two novels now…) came to me this way.

And another one “popped” the other day—he even came with his own name.

I’ve been brainstorming for the next novel I want to write—not anything serious, it doesn’t even have it’s own mini notebook yet. But I have a magic system I want to use (cue me watching Bill Nye the Science Guy as part of my research) and two characters. One character is a re-version of a protagonist in a story I never wrote. The other one popped into my brain the other day. I know the jist of his personality, what he looks like, and even his name. And he’s apparently foreign, from some country I haven’t created yet. Funny how that works.

Even though I have no plot line whatsoever for said novel, I’m starting to get excited for it. Huzzah for projects.

As an added note, I got my business cards in the mail today AND my commission from Sara finished. :D I’ll post a link the picture soon—it’s amazing. (It’s also a spoiler, which is why I don’t just slather it up here. Can’t be ruining more things for my writing group than I already have.) :D

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  1. I wish my characters popped. My characters are flat. I have to scrape them off the sidewalk of the mind.