Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cold of Doom (and Art)

I have been super sick lately. The cold of death. It's all wrong.

Colds have a certain, universal order they're supposed to come in. Sore throat, then stuffy nose, then coughing. Preferably no overlapping.

But this beast decided to do everything at once. Plus throwing in massive congestion headaches, and this sore throat STILL HASN'T GONE AWAY. Sore throats last two days, max. That's the rule. This one is four and counting. It's a cheater cold and I hate it.

Being glued to my living room sofa at least gives me time to do revisions (though I'm still working through chapter 1) and a start on a story I'm alpha reading for Joe. I’ve heard back from one alpha reader myself, so far.

Anyway, my actual purpose for posting today was to share the link of the picture my lovely friend Sara drew for me. My writing group best not click it, because it will taint their future comments. :D But I love it.

Le picture.

Or click this if you don't have DeviantArt.

I’m off to wallow in self-pity now.


  1. I can't see the picture without a deviantART login. :(

    Just wait until you have kids (do you plan to have kids?) Then you'll get sick ALL the time. I really hadn't expected it until he started school, but he manages to pick stuff up from somewhere. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh dear! I added a PhotoBucket link so you can see it!

    I do plan to have kids, eventually. And I'm not looking forward to the disease cycle that comes with them, ha.

  3. Ah. I clicked it. :P

    Sorry, I frequently click things I'm not meant to.

    Also: "Called it."

    You make it very hard to follow your blog! What's up with not having that handy bar at the top that lets me follow?

  4. I don't know! Some people see the bar and others don't. I don't. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.