Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Edradorn’s Hammer and Weirs Revisions

Edradorn’s Hammer* is complete and in the inboxes of my alpha readers—thank you so much to those who volunteered to read my crap!

Meanwhile I have hefty revisions to start for Weirs. I’ve never done revisions this intense before (since I’m a naturally lazy person), but I’m determined to make this book work. (Granted, every time I submit another 2-3k for writing group I get very downtrodden because now I think it all sucks.)

Said revisions will be very time consuming—they’ll probably go slow because I am blessed with a full-time job and zero-actual-writer-status-that-allots-me-time-to-get-down-and-dirty-with-writing. This makes me sad. But I will manage. (I always have.) :D

*Le gasp, it has a title.

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