Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Epic Fantasy Shafted.

So if I were ever to series-inize Weirs, I know how I would do it. I’d write the story of one of the side characters pre-Weirs. It would be awesome. It could even stand by itself. I may do it. (This is not the wicked idea I mentioned in my last post. That is still brewing.)

Also, there are way too many agents and such in the middle grade and young adult market. I dare day 80% of fantasy agents only do YA and/or MG. What the shaft. (Joshua Bilmes, you have a special place in my heart.)

While you’re here, you can listen to my new favorite song.


  1. Make your protagonist 17 and you're SET, Chuck.
    SET FOR LIFE. ;]

  2. Aren't all your protags like 17 anyway? YOU ARE ALREADY SET FOR LIFE.