Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One Small Step for Revision...

I updated the link from the last post so non-DeviantArt members can see the picture. (I didn’t know you had to be a member! Times have changed…)

Finally done revising chapter 1 of Weirs. Man, it really is long—my writing group was right. (I think it’s around 8k!) The biggest fix for this chapter was the protagonist. I had to focus on making her more capable and more mature. I cut out a lot of awkward and stuttering dialogue. Add in a time bomb, a setting tweak, and a new capture scene,* and voila, chapter 1.

Now I have roughly 102k left to go. :O Meh, chapter 1 was easy. Chapter 2 and 3 are being rewritten from the ground up, more or less. There are bits and pieces I can keep. I recently went through chapter 2 and wrote down all the information I need to get across; now I get to rewrite everything but the first and last scene (both of which are short).

While I’m blathering, I finished George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones on Saturday—being horrendously ill somehow granted me oodles of reading time. It’s a really good book! I like how it ended. I would like to read the next book in the installment, but books like those take so much time dedication, and I have to read I Don’t Want to Kill You, The Woman Who Loved Reindeer, and the second Daughter of the Forest book (whatever it’s called) before I can check out another Martin from the library. Plus alpha reading.

Ugh, I stink and I totally took a shower this morning. What the face.

*This actually made the chapter even longer. Whoops. At least I got to stab a horse.**

**I do not condone the torture of animals, especially horses. But it had to happen, and the horse will make a full recovery. IT IS NEVER THE HORSE’S FAULT. Curse you, Braveheart!


  1. After 24 hours of Blogger hating me, I finally got a friend to hack into my account and post this for me. :D

  2. I'm glad you know how to spell voila. I hate seeing wah lah on the internet!

    Good luck with the rest of your revisions! I have yet to even decide when I'll do that for my novel.

  3. Thanks! And I only know how to spell it because it's in my husband's email address. :D

  4. Wow, 8000-word first chapter! WHOOOO-EE.
    Like you, I have a ton of books I'm meaning to read too...

  5. Bill lent me his copy of The Name of the Wind, which I just barely started to read. Probably will take some time, since it's a TOME.

    But I've been strongly advised to read Gone, The Golden Compass, and City of Bones.
    And I'm hoping to read The Maze Runner and Leviathan some time. And then there are sequels to books I like out there, such as Everwild and Mr. Monster.