Monday, April 4, 2011

An Exceptionally Long and Awkward Poem About My Birthday.

It's a good day.

First, I finally feel like I'm back on track with revisions and I know where Weirs needs to go. It will take time, effort, and a lot of revising, but I finally have the shape of the finished book in mind, and I'm confident I can achieve it.

Second, it's my birthday! I got work off and am spending the day with my lover (who is currently in a class he can't miss so I'm Internet surfing/writing in the Institute building on campus). I went to an Institute class with him, then we went to my favorite restaurant--The Sicilia--for pizza and cake. Walked around the mall for a while, and once his class is over we're going to Color Me Mine to use a gift card we got from my sister for Christmas.

Speaking of said sister, here's a very lengthy text I got from her today (Which, after typing it up, I realize is more revealing than it probably should be, ha):

Dear Chuck, it's your birthday
You've turned 23*
You're older than Bieber!
You're older than me!
You've lived for two decades
and 1095 days
I'm so glad you're my sister
let me count the ways:
you're proud of your freckles
you fart in the car**
And you seem to like being
the way that you are
You hate it when people use
three paper towels when they pee
and without your pink glasses
you really can't see
you used to eat butter
straightout of the tub
and once tried to convince me
to bit your naked belly flub***
When other kids like Pikachu
you always chose Snorlax
you played the flute and piano
And, for a while, the sax
Sometimes you're eccentric
Sometimes you're quite calm
But I love you always
Even when you gnaw on my arms
We're pretty amazing
my big sister and I
We're like Xena and Gabrielle
like science and Bill Nye
We're like Spongebob and Patrick
Except not really because that show is super retarded,+ like this stanza
Anyways, enjoy your big day
and from you and me
Bon Anniversaire!

...And she says she hates creative writing. ;)

*Yes, I'm only 23.

**This is a line I hesitated including in this blog XD

***Long story.



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We have presents for you. And they aren't weir-babies or giant scorpions (this year).

  2. Happy Birthday! And that poem is brilliant.

  3. You left out the last line. It even rhymed.

  4. Who doesn't fart in the car??

    Happy Birthday! :)

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope it was awesome!