Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hack and Slash: The Closest to a Horror Writer I’ll Ever Be

And the mess of the “middle” continues. I had to rip apart chapters 8 and 9 and piece them all back together, but now chapter 10 is getting a hack-job as well. I have to cut out a scene I really like, too. Alas.

I printed off part of chapter 10 because I had two scenes that didn’t flow together, and I wanted to read it away from a computer and sort it out. Whilst doing this, I realized I had a big gaping plot hole that any smart reader would notice. Basically it was an error that makes my antagonist look like a moron, and I can’t be having that.

So I brainstorm, and I called up my BFF and forced her to brainstorm with me, and finally came to a solution. Deleting scenes, moving scenes, creating new scenes. I think it should all come together now—on my next read-through (AKA the revision where I vamp up the religious aspects of the story) I’ll know for sure.

In other news, I finally joined Twitter! My name is CNHolmberg if any of you likewise have accounts. :D


  1. Your BFF? What are you talking about? I never got a call from you....!!


  2. So hacking and slashing your own work is horrific, eh? Well... yeah, I can see that.

    At least it's coming together! Good luck!

  3. I admire your ability to thoroughly edit! I've yet to really start in on my novel, aside from a cursory inspection. It's kind of intimidating!

    Also, I'm stalking you on Twitter now, too. xD

  4. Twitter FTW!

    Good luck with your book. I'm stalking your blog now, so I hope to hear all about it :D