Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Love with Sia

I’m finally passed the massive rewriting of the middle of this book. Not necessarily clear sailing from here, but at least my sail is patched and working. My relief is palpable, let me tell you. What a mess.

Two of my three WotF books came in the mail. Currently reading Brad Torgersen’s Exanastasis from volume 26, since I’ve actually met him and wondered what his writing is like. Really good so far, despite the fact that I’m not much of a sci-fi trunky.

Also, I now own Sia’s new album We Are Born, which I discovered was awesome after purchasing a Sesame Street Tshirt at Hot Topic. I’m In Here is gorgeous and going on my next book’s soundtrack. Right now I’m obsessed with Bring Night, which is super peppy and awesome and would totally fit with Weirs if the book were ever made into a tween anime comedy. XD

That being said, I now require all of you to listen to it and comment about how much you love it. The bridge/chorus is the best part!* It will be my ringtone as soon as I can get my computer to cooperate with me.

*From her voice, you’d never guess she’s in her mid-thirties. . . .

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  1. Sia is much love! <3 I hadn't heard that song, though. It is fun and peppy!