Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It’s Like a Doughnut with a Creamy Tar Center!

Holy macaroni Batman, your novel sucks!

I’m on chapter 8 of my revisions, only to realize the center of this novel is a complete mess. The scenes are all over the place and don’t flow at all. Not to mention one scene makes my baddies look like total morons.*

So I took chapters 8 and 9, categorized their scenes, and now I’m doing a game of mix and match, cut and paste. What I can keep, what I can’t, what I need to write to make it all make sense. But looking at it, I’m not entirely sure it will all mesh enough in time for chapter 10—ugh, the middle is the hardest part to revise, because it can crap out the whole rest of the story. Beautiful. I need to attack this thing with a clear head.

Sigh. The pains of effort….

*Funny, because I don't remember being this thoughtless when I wrote it the first time . . . Nathan, I sincerely apologize. XD


  1. That's fine, I forgive you. I wouldn't have finished it if I had completely hated it. :P
    It clearly just needs more weirbabies.

  2. This is why I'm afraid to start editing my novel. The thought of all the reorganizing is daunting!

  3. This kinda feels like our old writing conversations, a little one-sided, but at least I can still know what you're up to! yay! good luck

  4. Mickey! XD Seeing you comment on my blog has filled me with hope and rainbows. :D