Monday, April 25, 2011

Subplots and Revision Blues

I’m getting excited about this subplot for my next story. I wrote up the backstory for a character while listening to I’m Still Here by Sia over and over again, which is a great song. I have no idea how much backstory I’ll get to reveal in the book, but I have high hopes.

Meanwhile I’m in the “I don’t think this is actually good enough to publish ever” phase of Weirs, aka halfway through revisions.* I’m a little down about it—about all the things I need to fix, about how the things I fix just don’t seem good enough. But I must work on it and progress, and when I don’t have the mental capacity to revise any further, I brainstorm for my nameless future story, which may or may not be about chickens.

In other news, this blog has officially surpassed the number of posts in my other Blogger blog, which I tend to shaft nowadays.

*When I say “halfway through revisions,” I actually mean “halfway through the first big hacky-hack revision,” not “half way through ALL REVISIONS EVER WOO~.” Just wanted to clarify.


  1. Don't tell yourself it will never be good enough to publish! It's just not there yet! I'm sure it will come together sooner or later, and don't forget the power of a short breather to refresh yourself!

  2. I'm finally starting to come out of my own period of self-loathing, but I'm starting to really doubt I'll have the draft ready (all spiffy and revised and ready to publish) in time for WorldCon. We'll have to see...

  3. FAIL. You will. I will steal your children.