Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cue Spaz

Word count for the day: 9

Basically I wrote the first sentence of TDSF and freaked out to the point where I couldn't continue.

My thought process:

Is this first line written well? Have I really considered how I want it structured? Have I spent enough time pondering this first scene to write it accurately? I don't have enough time to flow this, I need to start on a weekend. What about Weirs? My head is too stuck on Weirs right now. Waiting for the beta readers--I can't write new material if I'm waiting on my beta readers. My outline still says "draft" in the doc title! HOW CAN I WRITE A STORY WHEN MY OUTLINE SAYS "DRAFT" IN THE DOC TITLE??? I'M NOT READY TO COMMIT!!!

It's funny that I'm more nervous about starting this story than I am querying agents (which is also a nerve-wracking occurrence for me).* I've told myself I'd start writing this after CONduit, since I'm sure the convention will spark my creative juices, but I wanted to jump the gun (and failed). Once I start, I have to commit to a daily word count. I want to get started, but how well do I really know my story?

Sigh. I need a moment in peaceful solitude to ponder on it, but I don't know if said peaceful solitude is happening this week....

*Finally wrote up a [4-page] synopsis for the book, so my query options are now slightly broader.


  1. I had a rough writing day yesterday too. Here's hoping today works out better for us both!

  2. Breathe... BREATHE!!! You'll be okay and it'll pour out before you know it!