Monday, May 2, 2011

I Haven't Taken Math Since I Was Fifteen*

Revisions = I hate my story.

Not so much that it’s a bad story, per say, just that it’s driving me up a wall. I NEED ANOTHER PROJECT but I shan’t take one because I MUST FINISH THIS ONE. I’m not even done with my plot revisions yet.

Me = Whiner.

And really, I’m not that far off. Once this revision is done (And I’m on chapter 15!), the other revisions will come much swifter. The religion revision will take less time, and the small revisions after that should be cake, in comparison. Until someone points out another major flaw in the writing and I have to rehash everything AGAIN.

Whining = Not Productive.

I have extra free time this week too since Husband is slaving away at his last week working for the demon pharmacy,** so I have a lot of evenings free. (One of those evenings I’m driving to my sister’s and babysitting her kids so she’ll work on her own MS. As soon as she said she might not finish by WorldCon, I knew I had to take drastic action.)

Anyway. I’m doing my plotting of my next novel which-may-or-may-not-involve-chickens whilst revising Weirs. Once I get my official WotF rejection, I’m sure I’ll be more motivated to write another short story. (In case you forgot, I’m not so swell with the short stories to begin with. . . .)

*Which explains why my “equations” don’t actually have numbers in them.

**Here’s hoping he gets an internship!


  1. I forget which quarter you're in for WotF. Are you going to find out in July or sooner?

    And yay! You're going to WorldCon? Have you been before?

  2. On the subject of rewriting, this might interest you:

    It's not advice that works for everyone (since there IS no advice, short of "just write," that works for everyone), but he makes some good points about how rewriting can ruin a good book. I've discovered the way to make rewriting turn my creative mind on (I LOOOOVE rewriting, it is so much fun!), but there comes a point when rewriting just hurts more than it helps.

  3. I'm in Quarter 2, apparently. I have no idea what the timeline is for that. (I only know what quarter I'm in because my friend Chris told me!)

    Joe--I'll check it out, thanks!

  4. Quarter 2! I'm in Quarter 3! Hmmm. I wonder when you'll find out?

  5. (Weird, blogspot never lets me post my name consistently. XD This is Laura!)

    I went and checked around the WotF website. 1st Quarter winners JUST got announced on April 21st, and 3rd Quarter started April 1st. So it looks like they're a little behind? *amused* Good to know.


  6. I told Donovan the title of your book, and he said that weirs are "v-shaped grooves in dams for measuring water flow." I'd much rather read a book about people who turn into trees.

    Also, what is WotF?

  7. WotF = Writer of the Future, the Hubbard writing contest. :D