Sunday, May 15, 2011

Let the Querying Begin!

So my big revisions of WEIRS* is finished, so I'm left with my touch-up revisions--namely religious additions and character tweaks (which will focus mostly on Tock, since I did a lot of Thade/Teague character changes along with my plot revision). I don't expect these changes to take too long, so I've gone ahead and started my query letters. I sent three out today, will send more out this week.

I have eight agents in particular I want to query. Once I get their rejections, I'll move to my secondary agents, then to the editors and publishing houses themselves (for some unknown reason I'm particularly interested in pestering Loud Anders at Pyr).

We'll see where it goes. If nothing else, I have lots of cubical space waiting to be plastered with rejections. Too much gray wall in there. ;)

My husband said the ending of WEIRS made him like it more than CSH, so that's a good sign, I think.

I'm also not specifying in my queries whether the story is Adult or YA, since I think it could flop either way. That's cheating, I know. Hopefully no one holds it against me.

*I think you're supposed to all-cap titles now....


  1. Good luck with your querying.

    And yes, it does seem that in query letters they want the title capitalized. I guess just so it's clear what the title is.

  2. I can't wait to read it! And let me know when you get your first response back. XD