Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chapter 4 and JABberwocky Open!

I've been killing the word count for TDSF. Go me. I'm on chapter four, around the time when my protagonist discovers he's lactose intolerant.

ALSO, if any of you are interested, JABberwocky is open to submissions! I'm mailing mine today. :D

Excerpt of the day (OMG it's back):

“Kylah?” Henny’s voice came through the outhouse wall, her fingers lightly tapping on its side. It was growing dark—Kylah could see the dimming light through the cracks between wall and ceiling. So much for gaining more ground. The last thing Kylah wanted to do was ride.

His stomach gurgled once more. He had only consumed half a bowl of soup, but it had been enough. The Orroki had blessed him with strong body, but it had its weaknesses. At least he hadn’t broken out in hives, or had his windpipe swell. At least it wasn’t nuts or shellfish.

-The Day the Sky Fell*, chapter 4

*FACE I really want a real title! I feel like I'm lying to myself.


  1. Can't you just keep it The Day the Sky Fell? I'm SURE there are a few books out there with the same titles. It's got to be impossible for there not to be :p

  2. How about something like:

    Looking Up
    Blue Skies Falling
    Ground Skies
    Clouds Underneath

    Not sure if any of those fit, but maybe they'll spark more title ideas? Good luck! =)