Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Broke Two Staplers Trying to Affix a Rejection Letter to My Cubicle

Did anyone see that talking parrot on America's Got Talent? Pretty much my favorite thing ever.

Writing is going well; I seem to average out at about 1,400 words per day as of late, not that I want to jinx that. Chapter six's mission is to establish a bond between my two main characters (so chapter seven will work), and discovering a new clue to the sky. Also, for some reason, listening to "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele made me think of bonfires, so that's in there, too.

I didn't do a whole lot with characterization before starting this book--not as much as I usually do--but I think it's turning out. My hardest character is Kylah, of course, but all in all, the separate personalities are coming through well, especially with Duck and Reuben. I was happy how their scene(s) turned out.

Also, my sister has discovered that yes, she CAN finish her MS by WorldCon! I'm super excited. I think this will be the first independent book she's finished, but I'm not sure. (She used to write a lot of fanfiction,* like myself, but actually completed all of hers.) I really want her to submit to Tu Publishing.

World Con in just over two months!

Excerpt a la day:

Henny danced, feeling the stress of the day free from her body, the music penetrate her sores and worries. Fire and stars filled her vision as she stepped and leapt, spun and waved her arms in such ridiculous ways she would have been embarrassed, had the others not been doing the same. Her hair flapped around her like bird wings, and for a moment she felt sure she would fly, rising with the smoke toward the endless indigo sky.
TDSF, Chapter 6

*I hate to admit it, but yes, anime is what first got me into writing. Don't judge.


  1. Woot. And fanfiction is great for cutting your writing teeth. ^_^ I'll try to have the MS done in time for WorldCon. Just started revising chapter 2. Mom got me a book on formatting and submitting manuscripts that i'll have to have a look-see over in the near future.

    BTW, what days are we going to World Con? Donovan's arranged to get work off the 18th and 19th....

  2. I believe we're going from the 16-21, Tuesday through Sunday. (We'll technically miss most if not all of Sunday since we'll be driving back home.) WorldCon is 17-21, but we need a day to get there and settle in! ARE YOU EXCITED?