Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Today I researched moose.

I'm supposed to be getting to the fire and brimstone (almost literally) of this story, but then my protagonist decided to go hunt a moose. Granted, he doesn't know what a moose is, but there ya go.

So now I have a dancing reindeer, a magical weasel, a dead pheasant, and a flayed moose.

I think I should include that in my query letter.

Excerpt a la day:

Dropping the large animal from his shoulders, Kylah said, “That will feed us for a while."
TDSF, chapter 8


  1. They are the largest of the deer family! I learned that from Wild Kratts. Thank you KBYU.

  2. I know right? XD They're weird-looking deer too....


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