Thursday, June 9, 2011

Random Question of the Day*

Charlie's Random question of the day:

How exactly are you supposed to pronounce "Kvothe"?

*While we're at it, what about "Szeth," from Sanderson's The Way of Kings? The "S" and "Z" sounds don't really work for me. Should I just say "Seth," (which is what I do), is he trying to go for the French "J" sound, or am I completely off?**

**Did you notice that my footnote question is actually longer than my body-post question? Entropy at its finest. Someone open a refrigerator.


  1. Like Quothe, but with a V sound in between the Qu/K and hte O.

  2. So like Qwa-voath or like K'voath?

  3. Keh-vo-ta-hay

    ...I just say "Kevin".

  4. In fact, the object of names like this is to cause just this sort of consternation. Obviously you can't call a fantasy character Bill Tucker (you might get away with Bil Tuck, which sounds suitably arcane), but, man, I hate when writers use inappropriate combinations of letters to make their world seem more foreign.

    On that note, I frequently employ this device in my own work.

  5. I just had a ten minute discussion with my dad about what "entropy" is... definition of a rocket scientist version. You inspire me

  6. Ha ha ha. Entropy was always a little over my head in science class. ;) But they always used a fridge for an example.

  7. That's EXACTLY which example my dad used... wow