Tuesday, June 21, 2011

See? He's Not Caucasian!

Still trudging through TDSF, now on chapter 7. M'friend drew a picture of Kylah for me:

Also, I had a dream about registering for WorldCon and my tag was a special color since I was on the production staff. It made me feel SUPER important because I've never worn anything besides the "general fangirl" colored tag. And they gave me 20 free books that were really awkward to carry. Overall, good dream.


  1. Don't worry, he'll be Caucasian on your published book cover. =P

    Great fanart though. That's cool to have friends that draw your characters for you!
    And 20 free books, eh? You remember what they were? Might give some deep insight on your psyche.

  2. So is he negroid or mongoloid then? Since those are the only other two main racial categories.

  3. Negroid I think, since Polynesians are in that category, and I see him as being split between Polynesian and Native American :D

  4. Are they? I thought they were mongoloid. But yeah, I definitely see the Polynesian in that design. And if all his tribesmen are fantasy Polynesian, then I can see why they make fun of him. He's a skinny little fellow. XD

  5. Ha ha. I actually picture him a bit shorter and stockier than that picture relates, tbh. He does manual labor (mostly poop scooping) so that pays off in its own way lol.

    I would have thought Polynesians were mongoloid, but Wikipedia says otherwise.