Friday, July 29, 2011

Charlie's Fleshy World of Fun: The Place to Be for Local Viruses

I know, I know. I whine a lot. It builds character.

But seriously. I have pink eye AGAIN? Twice in one month? And another cold? This is like Groundhog's Day only with diseases.

But, it's a learning experience. Things I have learned:

1. You can use saline nasal spray as much as you want!
2. Pink eye is actually contagious until the pink is gone. None of this 24 hours crap.
3. My husband has the immune system of a god.
4. You can still look okay as long as you have big hair.
5. Rite Aid has cheaper replacement makeup than Fresh Market.

Oh wait, writing. Writing blog. I did my word count today, whoo~. Still reading Shadow's Son by Jon Sprunk. It's an odd experience--there will be little things in the book that throw me off or bother me, like a weird line of dialogue or an awkwardly timed kiss. But the story has a sort of cocaine quality to it. I keep thinking about it. I want to know what happens. I want to keep reading it. Way to go, Sprunk. (But way to fail since you're not going to WorldCon.)

Plan on going to a Sanderson signing on the 4th before I head to Park City. With my husband. FOR OUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY!

Aw. We're precious.

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