Saturday, July 2, 2011

Current Works: Piscis

Random note: This apple sucks.

So I was reading volume 24 of Writers of the Future and suddenly got an idea for a short story--much better than the other idea I had (which I had zero motivation to work on). I'd been playing with a small portion of an idea for a while, but suddenly it just . . . bloomed.

This is good, because I think this idea is more to the taste of WotF. Regardless, I'm excited about it and have already started, though I'm 85% writing by the seat of my pants.* Unfortunately, my rule still stands that I can't work on short stories until my TDSF word count is done, and since weekends** make it super hard to do word count, I'm going to have to put extra effort into getting this done.

*Comment that will offend you if you're super weird like that: Let it be known that I don't like the term "panster." They are called "discovery writers." When I first heard "panster" I thought the person had made it up, but apparently it's a general term!

**Especially weekends that involve zoos that have DINOSAURS.


  1. Wouldn't it be pantser, not panster?

  2. Yay, good luck! :D

  3. Sent my first story into WotF a few days ago. Fight you in the finals. :P

  4. Ha ha, when does this quarter end? Not sure if I'll have mine ready in time to compete with you ^_~