Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Would Have Included a Picture, But My Computer Sucks.

Chapter 12 is done! I'm glad I sat down a second time to work on writing yesterday, or I wouldn't have finished it. Onto chapter 13. This chapter has required much Google image searching on my part so I can construct a decent looking palace/ballroom. Hoping my "OMG let's go to the ball" scene isn't super contrived, but my writing group will surely tell me, so I'm not worrying about it right now.

Also, I have more of this book left than I thought. But I've figured out a good role for my Turkey Lurky character! Actually, I'll get to use him very soon...

Meanwhile, I get to do one of the biggest reveals of the story this chapter, so I'm excited for that. But first, awkward dancing. Whoo~

WorldCon grows closer and closer. I did the expense calculations today, and the hotel/driving won't cost as much as I had previously assumed, thank goodness. Might even be able to borrow a mini fridge, which would help food costs immensely. Just hoping my roommates don't get tired of my "I MISS MY LOVER"* whining, which will beging commencement the night of the 16th, methinks.

*This is where I would have posted a picture of said lover so you could all see how dashing he is, but I'm having technical difficulties. :/

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