Friday, July 22, 2011

Moscow and Imitation Crab

For some reason I keep picturing the capital in this story looking like sunny Moscow. I don't know if I should go with that or not...

Decided to make a pitch for TDSF despite it being unfinished, just so I have something prepared for that rare chance someone important asks me about it at WorldCon. My one-liner is easy. "Oh, it's Chicken Little fantasy style! Har!" (But not really, it will be slightly better than that.)

In other news, I have the 25th off for Pioneer Day (Utahn FTW), plus an anniversary trip coming up (time off), plus WorldCon (time off). That in addition to my Midway adventure will pretty much make me look like a terrible employee. But hey, I have the PTO to cover it, so I'm good.

Making sushi tonight. Three cheers for imitation crab.

P.S. My reading of Jon Sprunk is going super slow because instead of cracking open a book on lunch break I end up chatting with my new office BFF for the entire hour...

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