Friday, July 1, 2011

The Plateau

This morning my friend Kristy texted me and told me she was indeed coming to WorldCon, and thus shall be carpooling with me and bumming on my floor. SO EXCITED. She's going as an editor and not an author, which will be interesting to watch. I remember Brandon Sanderson mentioning he and his friend always got to talk to agents because their other friend, Peter, wanted to be an editor. The three of them would approach and push Peter forward, who immediately got an editor's attention since he was interested in the trade, not in selling his book. Once the editor got comfortable, Sanderson pounced.

Anyway, I might take up that tactic. You don't mind me using you to my own end, right, Kristy? :D

On another note, I feel like my writing has plateaued lately. Like I'm no longer progressing in actual skill. Sanderson, as a teacher, once told me I was really close, and getting over that last hill was the hardest part. Man, it really is. He made that comment on CSH--I'm on my second novel since that (third if you count The Raimos), and I don't think I've actually gotten much better. I'm missing something.

I'd really like to sit down with some Sanderson, Farland, and Martin novels, and just study them, see what makes them work and why they're so great (this is recommended by many authors, after all), but I feel a little suffocated by time restraints. Excuses, I know, but what free time I have outside of work and other responsibilities I spend writing, not studying. Writing = practice and practice = better writing, but this plateau nonsense is hindering that, methinks.

Mostly I find myself really wanting to enroll in one of these week-long workshops different authors offer. David Farland's, as I've mentioned, is my workshop of choice. He doesn't have any more until next year, but that works out for me, as I wouldn't be able to afford one until next year anyway. I've heard good things about his workshops; I'm hoping maybe it will help me finally get over that plateau.

Then again, I could have the next best NY Times best seller and no one would know because for the life of me I can't get past the query letter. ;)


  1. I've also been thinking a lot about workshops lately. Why have you narrowed it down to Farland's? I'm wondering what your criteria are, what you're considering.

  2. Farland has been teaching for a long time, and he writes for a variety of genres and audiences. That, and he's somewhat local. :) Brad Torgersen recommended him to me, too. Maybe we can be bunk mates!

  3. True! Locality does help! And he does offer a variety to choose from. Which one appeals to you?

  4. Haha! Well, Chuck, you can use me for your nefarious purposes if you wish. My being able to hitch a ride and sleep on your floor is pretty much the reason I'm able to go at all. ;-)